Deploying to Servers or Public Cloud

The following guides can help with the deployment to public cloud providers:

If you are deploying to your own servers (e.g. bare metal, VMs or Docker) there are several strategies for packaging Swift applications for deployment, see the Packaging Guide for more information.

Deploying a Debuggable Configuration (Production on Linux)

  • If you have --privileged/--security-opt seccomp=unconfined containers or are running in VMs or even bare metal, you can run your binary with

      lldb --batch -o "break set -n main --auto-continue 1 -C \"process handle SIGPIPE -s 0\"" -o run -k "image list" -k "register read" -k "bt all" -k "exit 134" ./my-program

    instead of ./my-program to get something akin to a ‘crash report’ on crash.

  • If you don’t have --privileged (or --security-opt seccomp=unconfined) containers (meaning you won’t be able to use lldb) or you don’t want to use lldb, consider using a library like swift-backtrace to get stack traces on crash.