Diversity in Swift

6 years ago, Swift was announced. In the years since, a thriving community has emerged around a shared passion for building and using the Swift programming language. This community has spread far beyond Apple through conferences, open source repositories, community-authored books, and more — people are always finding new ways to connect with and support other Swift developers around the world. However, we feel we can always do more to encourage a wider range of developers to actively engage in our community. That’s why we’re excited to announce Diversity in Swift. This initiative is focused on further elevating a wide variety of voices, and making it easier for developers to start learning or contributing to Swift, regardless of their background.


The mission of Diversity in Swift is to foster an inclusive Swift community by creating more pathways for a diverse group of developers, increasing the engagement and retention of those developers, and helping developers of all backgrounds establish leadership and technical expertise within the community. Our differences in identity and experience enrich our community with new ideas and perspectives, and we are committed to ensuring that everybody feels supported and valued in the Swift community.

Launching Today

Community Groups

To support various members of the Swift community, we are creating specific community groups for developers to connect with others who may have had similar experiences or faced similar barriers. The first two community groups launching today are Women in Swift and Black in Swift. We have created private, moderated support spaces for each of these community groups on the Swift Forums. Developers can find instructions on how to join a community group here.

Community-focused blog on Swift.org

The Swift ecosystem already has a wealth of resources and projects written by a wide range of developers within our community. Today, we are expanding the Swift.org blog to include posts that recognize and highlight these Swift developers and contributors. The first community-focused blog post is live now, and it curates helpful and moving resources about accessibility and inclusion in Swift from awesome developers within our community.

We would love to hear your suggestions of interesting and helpful articles, conference talks, books, projects, etc., by you or other community members. You can find more information about the community-focused Swift.org blog posts and how to participate here.


Diversity is a core value of the Swift community. Today, Swift.org gained a new space dedicated to diversity. On this page, developers will find more information about Diversity in Swift and all of the new programs launching today.

Get Involved

This is just the beginning! We’re excited for Diversity in Swift to grow, and we want to hear from you. Please join in and let us know what programs you’d like to see, additional community groups you’re interested in, or how you want to be a part of this initiative.

We can’t wait to hear from you.


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