Announcing the Documentation Workgroup

I’m thrilled to announce the formation of the Documentation Workgroup!

Documentation is an integral part of writing code and there has been a lot of excitement from the community around delivering great resources for crafting delightful documentation.


The Documentation Workgroup aims to deliver a great documentation experience for the Swift language and ecosystem with the following goals:

The workgroup will work to drive a cohesive documentation experience across Swift. Over time, the workgroup will help define guidelines for writing great documentation and participate in the documentation experience for the Swift language itself.

Diversity in Swift

The workgroup will actively help developers participate in Swift’s documentation experience with the goal of lowering the barrier to making technical contributions to the project. To accomplish this, the workgroup will be an active member of the Swift Mentorship Program, providing direct guidance to members of the community. Just like other Swift workgroups, the Diversity in Swift team will work with the Documentation Workgroup to ensure the principles and interests of the entire Swift community are always considered.

Next Steps

To learn more and get involved with the Documentation Workgroup: