Swift Forums Now Open!

We are delighted to announce that the Swift project has completed the process of migrating to the Swift Forums as the primary method for discussion and communication! The former mailing lists have been shut down and archived, and all mailing list content has been imported into the new forum system.

The following @swift.org email lists will continue to function as before:

Forum Structure

After discussion with the Swift Discourse working group, the forum has been slightly restructured, as opposed to simply mirroring the existing mailing list categories. There will be four main categories, Evolution, Development, Using Swift, and Site Feedback. The Evolution and Development categories will have a number of subcategories as follows:

Some of these categories, such as the announcement and CI Notification sub-categories may only allow new topics to be posted by forum administrators.

In addition to categories, forum posts can also be categorized by use of tags. A forum post can have many different tags added by the poster. This is a great way to make it easy to find posts relating to certain topics, and to mark topics of interest (such as issues relating to specific projects) so that they can be easily found.


Accounts can be set up using either email registration, or GitHub accounts. For those who have previously sent messages to the various Swift mailing lists, a staged account will already be set up, and you can take control of the account, provided you still have control of that email address.

Within the forums, users can be tagged as “@Username” and can get notifications based on that tagging.


You can choose to get email notifications for tracked categories tags, and can also choose to mute certain categories or topics within tracked categories. Replies via email to forum topics will be posted in the forums. In order to create new topics via email, there will be an email address corresponding to each category/subcategory (similar to a mailing list email address) that can be used.

Code of Conduct

All forum activity is expected to conform to the Swift Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct will be prominently posted on the site. Violations can be anonymously flagged via the forum for review by administrators.


Please visit the FAQ for answers to common questions, procedures, and links.