Introducing Related Projects to Swift Forums

The Swift community is growing and Swift Forums are growing with it.

The number of projects in the Swift ecosystem keeps expanding and developers are using them more and more to help build their apps. While not officially a part of the language, they exist to provide a leg up on development with optimizations to accomplish specific sets of tasks.

As a developer, there are times when you want to interact with like-minded people who are working with or even on a particular project. Whether it’s to get an answer to a question or to share ideas on how to improve it, it is great to know there is a place to go to have a conversation about it. Swift Forums is a great place to discuss any of these projects, but we think we can do better. So, today we’re introducing a new way to interact with these communities: a new top-level category we call Related Projects.

Related Projects includes access to specific sub-categories that are dedicated to projects within the Swift community and are separate from the Swift language itself. This new section of Swift Forums is launching today with support for a number of projects, including:

But it does not stop there, because we are also inviting project owners to propose new sub-categories for projects that have open source repositories on sites like GitHub. Once it is set up, all we ask of project owners is to keep tabs on their category and report any code of conduct issues. Over time, it might make sense to retire certain sub-categories if they are not getting any new traffic—hopefully that won’t happen.

If you’re interested in starting a category for your project, please send a message to the Forum Administrators.

We hope you enjoy this new extension of Swift Forums.