Swift 2.3

We are pleased to announce Swift 2.3!

Swift 2.3 is a minor update from Swift 2.2.1. The primary difference between Swift 2.2.1 and Swift 2.3 is that it is intended to be paired with Apple’s macOS 10.12, iOS 10, watchOS 3, and tvOS 10 SDKs. It also updates the underlying LLVM and Clang versions to match with those in the Swift 3 compiler.


Sources for Swift 2.3 are available in the swift-2.3-branch branch on GitHub.


Apple (Xcode)

Swift 2.3 is available for free as part of Xcode 8.

Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 15.10)

Official binaries for Linux will be available shortly after the upgrade to the continuous integration system (which produces the binaries). Note that for Linux, Swift 2.2.1 and Swift 2.3 are nearly identical. This post will be updated once binaries are available.