Swift Benchmark Suite now Available

Apple’s Swift Team is happy to announce that Swift’s benchmark suite is now open source.

The suite contains source code for benchmarks, libraries, and utilities designed to help track Swift performance and catch performance regressions before they are committed, including:

We look forward to working with the Swift community to make Swift as fast as possible!

Building and Running Benchmarks

Contributors to the Swift project are encouraged to run Swift’s benchmark suite against their changes before requesting pull requests in order to catch potential performance regressions. Instructions for building and running Swift benchmarks are available in swift/benchmark/README.md.

In the future, we are planning to add support to Swift’s continuous integration system for running benchmarks on pull requests.

Contributing Benchmarks and Improvements

Contributions to Swift’s benchmark suite are welcome! Pull requests for new benchmarks covering performance critical workloads, additions to benchmark helper libraries, and other improvements are encouraged. Please note that Swift’s benchmark suite shares the Swift project’s license, so we are unable to accept Swift ports of benchmarks covered under other licenses. Additional information about the suite and instructions on adding benchmarks are available in swift/benchmark/README.md.