New GitHub Organization for the Swift Project

Today, we are announcing an exciting development for the Swift programming language: its migration to a dedicated GitHub organization at

This migration reflects the growth and maturity of the Swift community and highlights Swift’s versatility beyond Apple’s own ecosystems. Over the last decade, many inspiring individuals’ hard and creative work has elevated Swift into various creative and practical applications. With a GitHub organization dedicated to Swift, we are creating an even more conducive environment for collaboration and innovation. This change will allow Swift to expand its reach to more platforms and use cases, sparking fresh possibilities and broadening Swift’s impact across the technology landscape.

Timeline and Initial Scope

The migration to the swiftlang organization will be phased over the coming weeks and months, striking a balance between minimizing disruption and ensuring a deliberate completion. Initially, the swiftlang organization will include foundational elements of the Swift project, such as:

As we move forward, we will address several key governance aspects:

A Community Journey

Various groups within our community will spearhead this migration, including the Core Team, the Contributor Experience Workgroup, the Swift Server Workgroup, and the Website Workgroup. This initiative represents a community-wide effort, with full transparency as changes progressively unfold.

As a first step, we will move the swift-evolution repository today, with other repositories transitioning over the coming weeks. We will post updates to the accompanying forum posts as the migration unfurls.

On behalf of the core team, I want to express our deep gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the Swift dream, from its inception a decade ago to today. Together, we are building the pathways for the next chapter of Swift!


Ted (and the Swift Core Team)