C++ Interoperability Workgroup

The C++ Interoperability workgroup is a team that works on adding the support for the bidirectional interoperability between Swift and C++.


The C++ Interoperability workgroup works to build and advance the interoperability support between Swift and C++, with the goal of making bidirectional interoperation with C++ a fully supported Swift language feature.

The C++ Interoperability workgroup serves as an incubator for the design and implementation of Swift’s interoperation with C++. It has no special technical or formal authority. Workgroup members design, implement, test, and document experimental features in the Swift tools that allow both Swift programs to import and use C++ APIs and C++ programs to import and use Swift APIs. When the workgroup feels that a feature is ready, workgroup members guide the feature through the normal Swift evolution process for discussion and formal review. It is a goal of the workgroup that all features will eventually be reviewed rather than remaining perpetually experimental.

As an incubator for language proposals, the C++ Interoperability workgroup works closely with the Language Steering Group to get early feedback on its ideas and to provide feedback to the Language Steering Group about general directions the language should take.

The C++ Interoperability workgroup communicates with the broader Swift community in three primary ways:


Membership in the C++ Interoperability workgroup is open to anyone who wishes to contribute. Members communicate with each other over regular video calls and on the Swift forums. Community members interested in participating in the workgroup should reach out to a current member of the workgroup, or request to be added to the C++ Interop workgroup directly.

The C++ Interoperability workgroup adheres to the Swift code of conduct. If community members have any concerns about the adherence of the workgroup or one of its members to the code of conduct, they should contact a member of the Swift Core Team.


The C++ Interoperability workgroup uses the C++ interoperability Swift.org website forum section for general discussions. It can also be contacted privately by messaging @cxx-interop-workgroup on the Swift Forums.