macOS Package Installer

Xcode includes a release of Swift that is supported by Apple. You can try out a version that is still in development by downloading one of the packages from download page.

To submit to the App Store you must build your app using the version of Swift that comes included within Xcode.

Xcode is not required to run the package installer or use an installed toolchain. However, when Xcode is not installed, the functionality of the Swift Package Manager may be limited due to some outstanding issues.

  1. Download a latest Swift release (5.10.1) or development snapshot package. Make sure that your system meets the aforecited requirements for this package.

  2. Run the package installer, which will install an Xcode toolchain into /Library/Developer/Toolchains/.

    An Xcode toolchain (.xctoolchain) includes a copy of the compiler, LLDB, and other related tools needed to provide a cohesive development experience for working in a specific version of Swift.

Code Signing on macOS

The macOS .pkg files are digitally signed by the developer ID of the Swift open source project to allow verification that they have not been tampered with. All binaries in the package are signed as well.

The Swift toolchain installer on macOS should display a lock icon on the right side of the title bar. Clicking the lock brings up detailed information about the signature. The signature should be produced by Developer ID Installer: Swift Open Source (V9AUD2URP3).

If the lock is not displayed or the signature is not produced by the Swift open source developer ID, do not proceed with the installation. Instead, quit the installer and please email with as much detail as possible, so that we can investigate the problem.