Introducing Packages on

Today, gains a useful, new top-level Packages page.

The page provides a streamlined entry to exploring the Swift package ecosystem. It has common categories like server, networking, testing, and logging, as well as categories of interest like packages containing macros. When you select a category, it provides a sample of some widely-used packages for that category, with information to help you explore further. It’s a great way to get a sense of the variety of packages available for Swift.

A screenshot of the packages page, showing four individual package cards in a grid The package lists give you relevant information at a glance.

The package lists are powered by the Swift Package Index, thanks to the sponsorship and support of Apple.

Community Showcase

In addition to finding common categories of packages, you can also browse new and interesting work from across the Swift package ecosystem with the Community Showcase.

The Community Showcase contains a rotating selection of packages being discussed by the Swift community. Anyone can nominate a package in this forum thread, and nominations will be reviewed monthly by the Swift Website Workgroup.

The new Packages page is an exciting step in growing a valuable and thriving package ecosystem for the benefit of all Swift developers.