Swift 2.2 Release Process

This post describes the goals, release process, and estimated schedule for Swift 2.2.

Swift 2.2 is the first official release of Swift after Swift was released as open source. It will be a mostly source-compatible release with Swift 2.1, containing a large number of core improvements (e.g., bug fixes, enhancements to diagnostics, faster generated code) without many significant visible changes to the language itself. It is intended to be an intermediate point between Swift 2 and Swift 3, with Swift 3 containing more disruptive changes to both the language and Standard Library.

Swift on Linux will be included in this release. However it is still relatively new and has known caveats. Swift 2.2 will not include the Swift Core Libraries but will include LLDB and the REPL.

The Swift Package Manager is still early in development and will not be included in this release.

In addition to its Swift.org release, Swift 2.2 will ship in a future version of Xcode.


Impacted Repositories

The following repositories will have a swift-2.2-branch to track sources as part of Swift 2.2 release:


Getting Changes into Swift 2.2

Release Management

The overall management of the release will be overseen by the following individuals, who will announce when stricter control of change goes into effect for the Swift 2.2 release as the release converges:

Please feel free to email swift-dev or Ted directly concerning any questions about the release management process.

Note: Swift mailing lists have been shut down, archived, and replaced with Swift Forums. See the announcement here.

Pull Requests

All pull requests nominating changes for inclusion in the swift-2.2-branch should include the following information:

One or more code owners for the impacted components should review the change. Technical review can be delegated by a code owner or otherwise requested as deemed appropriate or useful.

Prior to the swift-2.2-branch going into restrictive change control (as announced by the release manager) a code owner is allowed to directly accept a pull request after it has gone through the aforementioned technical review. Once restrictive change control is in place, only the release manager is allowed to accept a pull request into swift-2.2-branch.